When Andrew Bowen discovered the world of Obstacle Course Racing in the fall of 2014 at the True Mudd course in Tabor City, NC a passion bloomed and he’s never been the same. A native of the rural wetlands of southeastern NC, he trains year-round with a variety of tools including the Insanity Asylum and P90X programs, trail and interval running, and his custom “Yard War” workouts in his backyard and near the Lumber River. When not training he enjoys thinking about training, writing, the outdoors, and goofing off with his two daughters.

Andrew Bowen OCR is about his journey in the world of Obstacle Racing: the triumphs, the defeats, and lessons learned along the way. Perhaps you’ll find wisdom applicable to your own fitness/racing endeavors. Feel free to offer your own experience in the comments section of each post. Either way, OCR is a mad, glorious experiment, and as a young and dynamic sport we all have a unique opportunity to grow and explore.

Remember, life is full of obstacles. Let’s conquer the course!