OCR Gear Review: The Wreck Bag

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My first experience with the Wreck Bag took place on a cold, rainy day on April 26th, 2015. We met at the base of a steep hill generously slathered in wet, orange clay. It was a BattleFrog event and a sinister amalgam of terrible weather, a knee injury, and monstrous terrain.

That’s me taking a 50 lbs. Wreck Bag for a piggy back ride up a mountain, where it badgered and raped me, pushed my face into the gritty slope, and rolled off my back and limply flopped to the ground like a helpless drunken roommate. I passed a woman who sat at the edge of the path and rocked back and forth whimpering into her muddy hands with a Wreck Bag lying at her feet like a dead comrade.

BattleFrog Carolinas 2015 wasn’t an OCR event, it was a war.

By the time I ascended the mountain and stumbled my way down to the pick up pile I was covered in clay, bleeding at the knees, and maybe even had a concussion. That climb alone with the Wreck Bag marks one of the most physically demanding episodes of my life. And so I left that mountain and eventually the course completely destroyed and with only one conclusion:

I had to get one of my own.

My wife surprised me with my very own sack of hell for Father’s Day this year and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Here is a feature list from the Wreck Bag website:

Wreck Bag Features:

  • No SAND (the wreck bag is made with a proprietary rubber fill eliminating the mess of sand leaks)
  • Weather resistant (the Wreck bag is constructed with a durable polyethylene outer shell made to withstand multiple weather conditions. It is water resistant and mildew resistant and can be wetted and dried easily)
  • Durable Multifunctional (Use the Wreck bag for an allover body workout find hundreds of exercises and routines online hitting every muscle group )
  • Versatile (inside/outside/dorm room/ living room/ office/gym/ BOX /mountain/ trail…use and take the Wreck Bag anywhere)
  • NO Shifting like sand bags (the Wreck Bag is evenly distributed allowing you to focus on your workout not on adjusting your bag.)
  • Surface friendly (no parts that inadvertently harm or scratch surfaces)
  • Comfort (although the Wreck Bag was designed to be as tough as it’s users, the handles and rubber fill contribute to the shock absorbing properties contributing to a higher level of comfort than sand bags)
  • Easy to clean (just wipe down Wreck bag after use to clean away sweat or dirt)

There are also a great variety of exercises with the Wreck Bag. Here’s a short video demonstrating just a handful:


As the OCR world evolves out of the primordial soup of fringe events into the fastest growing sport in the United States, I find great joy in witnessing the development of fantastic OCR tools such as the Wreck Bag. I highly recommend this product for your training arsenal to help you conquer the course. You can pick up yours and other “wreckcessories” at Lindon Fitness.

Own or encountered a Wreck Bag? What’s your experience? Share your survival stories in the comments below.

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