Six Truths About Living With an OCR Athlete

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1) OCR athletes don’t go for a run; they hunt obstacles.

OCR athletes never know what they’ll encounter during a race, so looking for incidental obstacles during a long run presents numerous opportunities. Hurdle yard signs, climb on playgrounds, run through puddles. Searching out these opportunities is a great way to effectively train for a race and break up the monotony of the long run.

2) OCR athletes have a one track mind for race scheduling.

With events all over the country, OCR athletes can get carried away and plan their entire race schedule for the next year. Don’t be surprised if they begin scheduling races wherever you travel or forget other life details, such as a spouse’s birthday or a child’s extracurricular event…unless it’s near an OCR race.

3) Everything and everyone is part of the training cause.

Your beloved OCR athlete isn’t really playing with his children on the public playground equipment; he’s training.

4) We train every opportunity we get. And when we aren’t training, we think about training.

OCR athletes gaze longingly at random features during car trips such as exit ramps, construction sites, school playgrounds, topsoil and quarry mounds, home “for sale” signs, rolling golf courses, rivers, bogs, swamps, marshes, and any other feature they can climb, claw through, dive into, leap over, haul around, throw, drag or otherwise fight tooth and nail to conquer, all for a shiny medal, a t-shirt, one beer, sore muscles, bleeding wounds, and a kick-ass weekend to brag about at work.

5) OCR athletes are the Dr. Frankensteins of sports.

An OCR athlete’s backyard is nightmarish cornucopia of found items such as pipes, tree trunks, tires, ropes, spears, hay bales, remaindered lumber, rocks, chains and other paraphernalia all strewn about like the implements of a demented Dark Age torture chamber. We will salvage and re-purpose anything for training.

6) Your house is no longer a home, but a training facility.

An OCR athlete can and will train on or with anything, including but not limited to chairs, tables, cinder blocks, ropes, bags of potatoes, and even unattended small children.

If your beloved OCR athlete presents these symptoms, take heart, she is simply enamored with the sport. Resistance is futile however, and so it is best advised to join us in the mud and become an OCR athlete yourself. We have more fun anyway.

What are some of your OCR athlete’s peculiar habits with our sport?


  1. Was really enjoying relating to this article until it said the word ‘he’! HE?! Only if you’re a guy then? !

  2. How true , now I can prove to my wife I’m not alone in my constant
    Quest to run ,jump,climb,crawl,etc,etc

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