Why I’m Voting Obstacle Racing for President 2016

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The 2016 presidential election seems to have driven these United States into a political frenzy. More than any time in recent history, the nation is irreparably split between the two most visible candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In fact, the dividing lines are so deep and voting blocs so entrenched, that there seems to […]

5 Reasons You Must Succeed in Obstacle Course Racing

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“Must?” That’s powerful language. Our culture doesn’t respond well to absolutes and social imperatives, however since OCR is God’s favorite sport and his greatest gift to humanity since spiced rum and Southern fried chicken, it behooves us to maximize our potential in the sport. Here are a few reasons why. 1) We Need More Heroes […]

6 Exercise and Nutrition Truths Everyone Should Know


  1) You Are Not the Enemy I see it all the time, in fitness memes and exercise conversation. We are thrust in front of our own image and made to be disgusted with ourselves–peer pressured into self-censoring which ostensibly motivates us toward our fitness goals. The same technique is also used in the military. […]