An OCR Athlete with an Eating Problem: 9 Ways I’m Fighting the War

Overeating and consumerism concept. Silly nasty businessman eating pasta.

I should be celebrating. A year ago today, I saw myself in the mirror for what felt like the first time. Overweight, sluggish, without passion or vision for my health or fitness. All of that changed in a singular moment of disgust and I took the first steps in a journey of exercise and nutrition. […]

How Obstacle Course Racing Changed my Life

  Athleticism was never a foreign concept in the Bowen household. My father was a Ranger in the U.S. Army who frequently participated in running and hiking events, my mother was captain of her high school cheer squad, and I was a third generation All-Conference goal keeper for my high school soccer team. Something happened […]

6 Lessons Only an Injury Could Teach Me

1. Stick to the Training Plan Few successes arrive without a plan or strategy. Whether it’s investing for retirement, going to war, crafting an apology after a drunken evening, or mapping out your fitness, we need sound strategies for long-term results. My current level of fitness is a result of such planning…at least it began […]